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Department of Pharmacology


We are proud to announce that Abigail Pearce, a member of the Ladds Group, has successfully defended her Viva.

Her thesis she defended is entitled "Influence of Peptide Allosteric Modulators on Agonist Bias at Class B1 G protein-Coupled Receptors", which looks at the endogenous mechanisms by which Class B1 GPCRs are regulated, focusing on allosteric modulators such as β-arrestins and Receptor Activity modifying Proteins. The focus of the thesis was on the Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor, and how changes in agonist bias lead to differences in insulin secretion, but other receptors were also studied.

Her panel consisted of:

  • Dr Taufiq Rahman
  • Dr Peter McCormick (External examiner, Queen Mary University of London)

We wish her all the best for her future career!