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Department of Pharmacology


At the Department of Pharmacology, we believe that a diverse and inclusive environment provides enormous advantages to the experience of all staff and students.

We recognise that long-standing systemic inequalities and racism result in structural and institutional barriers within Academic institutions, which prevent some people from benefitting from opportunities granted to others. The existence of these inequalities is the very reason why an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy is necessary, and we believe that the promotion of an inclusive culture within the Department is an important step toward dismantling these systemic issues.

As the Department EDI committee, we want to ensure best practices are in place, we want to develop new strategies to promote the Department’s inclusive culture and, ultimately, we want to progress equality, diversity, and inclusion.

We are aware that creating a more diverse workforce will not on its own address prejudice and discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion etc.

Therefore, we want to create a community that everyone feels part of, is inclusive in its research, education, and work, is family-friendly, encourages and promotes under-represented groups and values diversity in a way that is embedded in existing processes and structures, measurable and transparent.

Ultimately, we want to provide an environment where everyone feels safe, supported, respected, and enabled to reach their full potential

E & D Member List

Dr Catherine Wilson - Chair

Mrs Deborah Stanley - Secretary/minutes

Thury Agustsdottir

Mr Abbi Abbioui

Miss Onyeka Awunor

Miss Rowda Dahir

Mr Barney Leeke

Ms Jenny Nicole Drumond Baptista

Dr Camilla Ascanelli

Dr Catherine Lindon

Professor Laura Itzhaki

Dr Sara Pensa

Dr Sarah Millington-Burgess

Dr Taufiq Rahman



Thank you to Sara for her work in photographing the subjects of the Women in Pharmacology page.