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Department of Pharmacology

Dolezalova, N, Gruszczyk, A, Barkan, K, Gamble, JA, Galvin, S, Moreth, T, O'Holleran, K, Mahbubani, KT, Higgins, JA, Gribble, FM, Reimann, F, Surmacki, J, Andrews, S, Casey, JJ, Pampaloni, F, Murphy, MP, Ladds, G, Slater, NKH, Saeb-Parsy, K

Cryopreservation offers the potential to increase the availability of pancreatic islets for treatment of diabetic patients. However, current protocols, which use dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), lead to poor cryosurvival of islets. We demonstrate that equilibration of mouse islets with small molecules in aqueous solutions can be accelerated from > 24 to 6 h by increasing incubation temperature to 37 °C. We utilize this finding to demonstrate that current viability staining protocols are inaccurate and to develop a novel cryopreservation method combining DMSO with trehalose pre-incubation to achieve improved cryosurvival. This protocol resulted in improved ATP/ADP ratios and peptide secretion from β-cells, preserved cAMP response, and a gene expression profile consistent with improved cryoprotection. Our findings have potential to increase the availability of islets for transplantation and to inform the design of cryopreservation protocols for other multicellular aggregates, including organoids and bioengineered tissues.

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17 May 2021
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Journal articles
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Sci Rep
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