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Department of Pharmacology

Saraiva, N, Prole, DL, Carrara, G, Johnson, BF, Taylor, CW, Parsons, M, Smith, GL

Golgi antiapoptotic proteins (GAAPs) are highly conserved Golgi membrane proteins that inhibit apoptosis and promote Ca(2+) release from intracellular stores. Given the role of Ca(2+) in controlling cell adhesion and motility, we hypothesized that human GAAP (hGAAP) might influence these events. In this paper, we present evidence that hGAAP increased cell adhesion, spreading, and migration in a manner that depended on the C-terminal domain of hGAAP. We show that hGAAP increased store-operated Ca(2+) entry and thereby the activity of calpain at newly forming protrusions. These hGAAP-dependent effects regulated focal adhesion dynamics and cell migration. Indeed, inhibition or knockdown of calpain 2 abrogated the effects of hGAAP on cell spreading and migration. Our data reveal that hGAAP is a novel regulator of focal adhesion dynamics, cell adhesion, and migration by controlling localized Ca(2+)-dependent activation of calpain.

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19 August 2013
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Journal articles
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J Cell Biol
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