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Department of Pharmacology

Skupin, A, Kettenmann, H, Winkler, U, Wartenberg, M, Sauer, H, Tovey, SC, Taylor, CW, Falcke, M

Ca2+ oscillations have been considered to obey deterministic dynamics for almost two decades. We show for four cell types that Ca2+ oscillations are instead a sequence of random spikes. The standard deviation of the interspike intervals (ISIs) of individual spike trains is similar to the average ISI; it increases approximately linearly with the average ISI; and consecutive ISIs are uncorrelated. Decreasing the effective diffusion coefficient of free Ca2+ using Ca2+ buffers increases the average ISI and the standard deviation in agreement with the idea that individual spikes are caused by random wave nucleation. Array-enhanced coherence resonance leads to regular Ca2+ oscillations with small standard deviation of ISIs.

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15 March 2008
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Journal articles
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Biophys J
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