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Department of Pharmacology

Taylor, C, Riley, AM, Dupont, G, Rahman, T, Potter, BVL, Rossi, AM

Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors (IP3Rs) are intracellular Ca2+ channels that link extracellular stimuli to Ca2+ signals. Ca2+ release from intracellular stores is ‘quantal’: low IP3 concentrations rapidly release a fraction of the stores. Ca2+ release then slows or terminates without compromising responses to further IP3 additions. The mechanisms are unresolved. Here, we synthesise a high-affinity partial agonist of IP3Rs and use it to demonstrate that quantal responses do not require heterogenous Ca2+ stores. IP3Rs respond incrementally to IP3 and close after the initial response to low IP3 concentrations. Comparing functional responses with IP3 binding shows that only a tiny fraction of a cell’s IP3Rs mediate incremental Ca2+ release; inactivation does not therefore affect most IP3Rs. We conclude, and test by simulations, that Ca2+ signals evoked by IP3 pulses arise from rapid activation and then inactivation of very few IP3Rs. This allows IP3Rs to behave as increment detectors mediating graded Ca2+ release.

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12 October 2021 (Accepted for publication)
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Journal articles
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Cell Reports
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