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Department of Pharmacology

Srivats, S, Balasuriya, D, Pasche, M, Vistal, G, Edwardson, JM, Taylor, CW, Murrell-Lagnado, RD

Sigma1 receptors (σ1Rs) are expressed widely; they bind diverse ligands, including psychotropic drugs and steroids, regulate many ion channels, and are implicated in cancer and addiction. It is not known how σ1Rs exert such varied effects. We demonstrate that σ1Rs inhibit store-operated Ca(2+)entry (SOCE), a major Ca(2+)influx pathway, and reduce the Ca(2+)content of the intracellular stores. SOCE was inhibited by expression of σ1R or an agonist of σ1R and enhanced by loss of σ1R or an antagonist. Within the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), σ1R associated with STIM1, the ER Ca(2+)sensor that regulates SOCE. This interaction was modulated by σ1R ligands. After depletion of Ca(2+)stores, σ1R accompanied STIM1 to ER-plasma membrane (PM) junctions where STIM1 stimulated opening of the Ca(2+)channel, Orai1. The association of STIM1 with σ1R slowed the recruitment of STIM1 to ER-PM junctions and reduced binding of STIM1 to PM Orai1. We conclude that σ1R attenuates STIM1 coupling to Orai1 and thereby inhibits SOCE.

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11 April 2016
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Journal articles
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J Cell Biol
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