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Department of Pharmacology


From the summer of 2021, the Department of Pharmacology has hosted summer students. Each student is placed with a host lab group, where they will work closely with a supervisor on a particular project. This is usually a project related, or supporting, a PhD project that is already underway.

These interns will be with the Department for four to eight weeks, where they will pick up skills in laboratory work, troubleshooting, collaboration and presentation. They will also experience the social aspect of being a part of a lab group, such as participating in lab meetings and lunches.

Summer students are supported throughout the internship. This includes a wage payment, funded by the David James Studentship.


2022/2023 Interns

First name Surname Lab Type of visit Year
Amelie Davies Larrieu Internship 2022-2023
Toby Davies Mela Internship 2022-2023
Mihindu Dylan Gunawardena Mela Internship 2022-2023
Violette Marie Chereau Itzhaki Internship 2022-2023
Nathaniel Macdonald Gunn Miller Internship 2022-2023
Srija Ghosh Rahman Internship 2022-2023
Rateep Nasim Rahman Internship 2022-2023
Tara Prole Ladds Visiting Student 2022-2023
Pol Peris Mela Visiting Student 2022-2023
Eliot Patient Kumita Visiting Student 2022-2023
Qize Yang Itzhaki Visiting Student 2022-2023
Yousuf Tayyebi Khaled Visiting Student 2022-2023
Shahd Abdelrahman Ladds Visiting Student 2022-2023
Dawid Maciorowski Itzhaki Visiting Student 2022-2023
Emily Bulmer Bulmer Work experience 2022-2023
Boshan Jiang Smith Work experience 2022-2023
Shreya Ithape Kumita Work experience 2022-2023
Thomas Harris-Gee Kumita Work experience 2022-2023
Tehillah Mthembu Kumita Work experience 2022-2023
Torsten Gero Herzog Larrieu Work experience 2022-2023

2021/2022 Interns


First name Surname Lab Type of visit Year
Kieran Cullen Smith Internship 2021-2022
Mihindu (Dylan) Gunawardena Kumita Internship 2021-2022
Daniel Macilwaine Kumita Internship 2021-2022
Milena Malcharek Ladds Internship 2021-2022
Angela Shang Miller Internship 2021-2022
Abigail Siu Khaled Internship 2021-2022
Iga Manulak Ladds Visiting Student 2021-2022
Jekatrina Boikova Wilson Work Experience 2021-2022
Hein Htet Soe Teaching Lab Work Experience 2021-2022
Matt Ladds Ladds Work Experience 2021-2022
Emily Manderson Kumita Work Experience 2021-2022
Shreya Panchmatia Itzhaki Work Experience 2021-2022
Maya Parkin Itzhaki Work Experience 2021-2022
Jonah Parkinson Wilson Work Experience 2021-2022
Rebecca Wilcockson Itzhaki Work Experience 2021-2022