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Recent Part II Pharmacology Projects

Recent research project titles in Part II Pharmacology

The department offers a wide range of research projects, which are undertaken during the Lent Term. Below are a selection of the projects offered in 2016/17. The subheadings are fairly arbitrary – many projects have clear impact in a range of areas – but hopefully convey the breadth of research topics available.

Understanding receptors

  • The role of intracellular loop 1 of the adenosine A2a receptor in mediating signalling bias
  • Biased agonists of the Apelin receptor
  • RAMP-directed signalling bias of the calcitonin-receptor-like receptor
  • Visualizing activation-induced structural changes in ionotropic glutamate receptors using AFM imaging

Intracellular signalling

  • Repurposing known drugs as inhibitors of the store-operated calcium entry pathway
  • How do intracellular Ca2+ stores refill?
  • Calcium responses underlying Insulin-like peptide 5 signalling in mouse colonic epithelium
    • Effects of fluoride on ion transport in epithelial cell monolayers


  • Characterisation of sensory neurones using retrograde tracing
  • Role of Ca2+ signals in chemotaxis of glioma cells

Cardiovascular pharmacology

  • The effect of shear stress on the prothrombotic responses of the endothelium
  • Cl- -sensing properties of WNK4 modulates K+ homeostasis in the distal nephron
  • ‘Surfing the PHOME’: extending and probing the druggable platelet proteome
  • Elucidating the mechanisms underlying neutrophil recruitment to the vascular endothelium
  • Novel vasoactive peptides and cardio-metabolic function

Cancer pharmacology

  • Novel approaches for the inhibition and degradation of intracellular protein targets associated with pancreatic and colorectal cancers
  • Investigating the biology of BCL11A in basal-like breast cancer
  • Searching for modifiers of Aurora kinase stability using tandem fluorescent protein tags

Antibacterial pharmacology

  • Evaluating the intrinsic mammalian toxicity of some molecules that inhibit lipoteichoic acid synthase of Gram-positive bacteria
    • Transport mechanism of a multidrug transporter from Vibrio cholera