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Department of Pharmacology





Joining the lab

Cambridge is a wonderful place. If you would like to join the lab as a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow, please contact Prof. van Veen ( for further enquiries. Possibilities exist for funding by the BBSRC, MRC and other funding bodies.

Summer students are very welcome too, especially in the summer months from early July to the end of September, and we appreciate international applications through funding schemes such as Erasmus Traineeships, Amgen Scholars Programme, and others.

Our lab draws students from all continents of the world. We therefore have a very interesting blend of cultures and customs in an environment in which you will have ample opportunity to be yourself and to showcase your talents in various forms.

Future group members are expected to show a strong interest in the biochemistry, molecular biology, electrophysiology and structural biology of substrate-translocating membrane proteins.


Former postdoc and PhD student members of the lab

Himansha Singh, David Guo, Robbin de Kruijff, Brendan Swain, Sagar Raturi, Lisa Fagg, Megan Ansbro, Asha Nair, Arthur Neuberger, Alex Kong, Soeren Pfitzner, Kelvin Agboh, Yvonne Khoo, Ute Hellmich, Markus Seeger, Ihsene Salaa, Anam Ali, Lucy Crouch, Zhen Tong, Yoonhee Jin, Rupak Doshi, Calvin Lau, Shen Wei, Barbara Woebking, Anna Kleijn, Hannah Wang, Daniel Gutmann, Edmund U, Jenny Yao, Saroj Velamakanni, Richard Shilling, Tavan Janvilisri, Wilma Shi, Henrietta Venter, Barbara Woebking, Galya Reuter, Lekshmy Balakrishnan, Akanksha Bapna, Theresia Schaedler, Sanjay Shahi