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Department of Pharmacology



Key publications: 

Mechanisms of inhibition and activation of extrasynaptic alpha-beta GABAA receptors.

Vikram B. Kasaragod, Martin Mortensen, Steven W. Hardwick, Ayla A. Wahid, Valentina Dorovykh, Dimitri Y. Chirgadze, Trevor G. Smart, Paul S. Miller. Nature, 2022. (COMING SOON!)

Heteromeric GABAA receptor structures in positively-modulated active states.

Miller. PS, Masiulis. S, Malinauskas T, Kotecha. A, Rao. S, Chavali. S, De Colibus. L, Pardon. E, Hannan. S, Scott. S, Sun. Z, Frenz. B, Klesse. G, Li. S, Diprose. DM, Siebert. AC, Esnouf. RM, DiMaio. F, Tucker. SJ, Smart. TG, Steyaert. J, Babu. MM, Sansom. MSP, Huiskonen. JT, Aricescu. AR Biorxiv, 2018.

Structural basis for GABAA receptor potentiation by neurosteroids.

Miller. PS, Scott. S, Masiulis. S, De Colibus. L, Pardon. E, Steyaert. J, Aricescu. AR. Nature Structure and Molecular Biology. 2017, 24(11), p. 986-992.

Structural basis of Smoothened regulation by its extracellular domains.

Byrne. EFX, Sircar. R, Miller. PS, Hedger. G, Luchetti. G, Nachtergaele. S, Tully. MD, Mydock-McGrane. L, Covey. DF, Rambo. RP, Sansom. MSP, Newstead. S, Rohatgi. R, Siebold. C. Nature. 2016, 535, p. 517-522.

Crystal structure of a human GABAAR.

Miller. PS, Aricescu. AR. Nature. 2014, 512, p. 270-275.

Cys-loop Receptors: Activation and Modulation.

Miller. PS, Smart TG. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. 2010, 31, 4, p.161.

Investigator Biography

Paul did his PhD and a postdoc with Professor Trevor G Smart at University College London, where he applied electrophysiological and pharmacological approaches to link structure and function for, principally, glycine receptors. Subsequently, from 2010, Paul attained a Wellcome Trust OXION postdoctoral fellowship, in the Division of Structural Biology at University of Oxford, where he played an important role in establishing methodologies for structural studies of membrane proteins within the department. Paul used these techniques to solve structures of GABAARs and, through collaboration, was involved in raising immunological modulators against GABAARs with novel pharmacology and high selectivity. He joined the Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge as a lecturer in 2018.

Assistant Professor
Dr Paul  Miller

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+44 (0) 1223 3 61267 / Lab 3 34177
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Person keywords: 
Protein engineering, protein-protein interactions, GABAA receptors, Cys-loop receptors, pLGICs, nanobodies, X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM, electrophysiology