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Department of Pharmacology



Key Publications and online material

Heteromeric GABAA receptor structures in positively-modulated active states.

Miller. PS, Masiulis. S, Malinauskas T, Kotecha. A, Rao. S, Chavali. S, De Colibus. L, Pardon. E, Hannan. S, Scott. S, Sun. Z, Frenz. B, Klesse. G, Li. S, Diprose. DM, Siebert. AC, Esnouf. RM, DiMaio. F, Tucker. SJ, Smart. TG, Steyaert. J, Babu. MM, Sansom. MSP, Huiskonen. JT, Aricescu. AR.

Structural basis for GABAA receptor potentiation by neurosteroids.

Miller. PS, Scott. S, Masiulis. S, De Colibus. L, Pardon. E, Steyaert. J, Aricescu. AR.

Nature Structure and Molecular Biology. 2017, 24(11), p. 986-992.


Structural basis of Smoothened regulation by its extracellular domains.

Byrne. EFX, Sircar. R, Miller. PS, Hedger. G, Luchetti. G, Nachtergaele. S, Tully. MD, Mydock-McGrane. L, Covey. DF, Rambo. RP, Sansom. MSP, Newstead. S, Rohatgi. R, Siebold. C.

Nature. 2016, 535, p. 517-522.


Crystal structure of a human GABAAR.

Miller. PS, Aricescu. AR.

Nature. 2014, 512, p. 270-275.


Cys-loop Receptors: Activation and Modulation.

Miller. PS, Smart TG.

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. 2010, 31, 4, p.161.