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Maintaining flippase activity in procoagulant platelets is a novel approach to reducing thrombin generation. Millington-Burgess SL, Harper MT. J Thromb Haemost, in press (link)

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Protease-activated receptor antagonism prevents occlusion when dual antiplatelet therapy is insufficient in a microfluidic model of occlusive thrombosis. Berry JE, Harper MT. Res Prac Thromb Haemost 6: e12703. (link)

Q94 is not a selective modulator of PAR1 in platelets. Francis LRA, Millington-Burgess SL, Rahman T, Harper MT. Platelets, in press



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High extracellular phosphate increases platelet polyphosphate content. Abbasian N, Harper MT. Platelets, 32, 992-994. (Full article: High extracellular phosphate increases platelet polyphosphate content (



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