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Department of Pharmacology






Post-doctoral fellows and Doctoral, Masters and Diploma students


If you are interested in our research and would like to work with us, please contact Laura Itzhaki by email; include a CV, specify the research area you are interested in and your previous experience. Any availability will be advertised here. Cambridge has several doctoral training programmes that will allow you to join our lab for a PhD, in addition to Cambridge University-funded scholarships such as Gates and Cambridge International Scholarship Scheme:


Summer and NST/MVST Part II students

Projects for Part II Pharmacology will be communicated to you by the course coordinator, usually in Michealmas Term.

If you would like to join the Itzhaki lab for a 8-10 week summer project please contact Dr. Itzhaki by email, ideally during December preceding the summer of interest since most scholarship applications are due by January/February. Please include a CV, briefly describe your research interests and previous research experience (if applicable).


Students from overseas

At anyone time, at least half of our lab members are of a non-UK background. This results in quite a spread of cultures and we can always find something to talk and laugh about. Therefore, we welcome enquiries concerning summer and Erasmus studentships from motivated students of any nationality, provided they possess sufficient English skills.