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Department of Pharmacology



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Group leader



Prof. Laura S. Itzhaki

Professor of Structural Pharmacology

CRSid: lsi10



Senior Research Associates



Pam J. E. Rowling

CRSid: pjer2

Project: Investigating and targeting the mechanism of β-catenin and its interaction partner





Andrew Baker

CRSid: agb59

Project: Drew's research is focused on Nanoparticle based biological reactors, and targeted protein degraders.


Luisa Capalbo

CRSid: lc284

Project: Using self-assembling, multi-functional peptide arrays to target degradation of disease-associated proteins in cells.


Boguslawa Korona

CRSid: bk409

Project: Development of functional de novo designed proteins to modulate cellular pathways.



Maria Zacharopoulou

crsid: mz387

Project: Building a repeat-protein toolkit for mechanosensing. 



Graduate Students



Laura Blenkarn ((David James-Wolfson College joint PhD student with Dr Cathy Wilson))

CRSid: lb883



Mateo Hoare (joint PhD student with Dr Janet Kumita)

Project: Investigating the role of biomolecular condensates in the autophagy-lysosome pathway with engineered multifunctional proteins

CRSid: mph55



Chris Ng (Gates Cambridge Scholar)

Project: Development of synthetic multifunctional biomolecular condensates using engineered tandem repeat proteinsInvestigating.

CRSid: tlcn2



Adrian Pui Ting Ho

Project: Nanoparticle-based Target Eliminators (NTEs) to Guide and Monitor Protein-Degradation in Hard-to-Treat Cancers and Chemotherapy-Induced Senescence

CRSid: pth28



Yawei Qi

CRSid: yq276







Huey Ying Kok

CRSid hyk27






Marco Tsang

CRSid klt55








Chloe Burgess

CRSid cmb248






Dr Giovanna Zinzalla





Dr Mark Bycroft







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Our collaborators

  • Dr Katerina Artavanis-Tsakonas, Department of Pathology, Cambridge
  • Prof Aitziber Cortajarena, CIC biomaGUNE, Spain
  • Dr Marc de la Roche, Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge
  • Prof Gerard Evan and Dr Trevor Littlewood, Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge
  • Dr Diego Ferreiro, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dr Walid Khaled, Department of Pharmacology, Cambridge
  • Dr Graham Ladds, Department of Pharmacology, Cambridge
  • Dr Heike Laman, Department of Pathology, Cambridge
  • Dr Jose Luis Neira, Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Spain
  • Prof Matthias Rief, Technische Universität München, Germany
  • Dr Ewan St. John Smith, Department of Pharmacology, Cambridge
  • Prof David Spring, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge
  • Dr Chandra Verma, A*STAR, Singapore



  • Dr Kit Tang – Roche Diagnostitcs, Shanghai
  • Prof Frederic Rousseau – VIB Switch Laboratory, K.U. Leuven
  • Prof Joost Schymkowitz – VIB Switch Laboratory, K.U. Leuven
  • Hannah Wilkinson – Staff employee, VIB Switch Laboratory, K.U. Leuven
  • Ass Prof Markus Seeliger – Stony Brook University School of Medicine
  • Dr Caroline Ekblad – Director Alliance and IP Management, Affibody AB
  • Wee Long Chin – Medical School
  • Dr Richard Hutton – Senior scientist at Canterbury Scientific Ltd., New Zealand
  • Dr Alan Lowe – Lecturer in Single Molecule Biophysics, University of London
  • Dr Nicholas Werbeck – Post-doc, UCL
  • Dr Rebecca Cook – Research Information Officer, The Institute of Cancer Research
  • Sarah Schwitalla – Institute of Molecular Immunology and Experimental Oncology, TUM
  • Dr Matthew Moreau – Assistant Manager Internal Audit, WWP, New York
  • Dr Ben Murton – Researcher Developer and College Teaching Associate (St John’s College)
  • Dr David Serquera-Peyro – General Practitioner, Switzerland
  • Dr Rachel Bashford-Rodgers – Sir Henry Wellcome Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Cambridge & Stanford
  • Dr Sadie Kelly – Clinical Data Manager, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford
  • Dr David Gaboriau – Microscopy specialist, Imperial College London
  • Terese Herling – Post-doc with Dr. Tuomas Knowles, Chemistry Department, Cambridge
  • Dr Stephen McLaughlin – Joint Head of Biophysics, MRC-LMB
  • Ryan Roark – Graduate School, Southern California Institute of Architecture
  • Dr Anna Diller – Post-doc, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich
  • James Carter – Imperial College London
  • Dr Maksym Tsytlonok – Post-doc, Structural Biology Research Centre, Belgium
  • Dr Maikel Fransen – RA, Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge
  • Dr James Wilkinson – Head of European Sales, LUMICKS
  • Nicola Hale – Free-lance artist
  • Michela Zuffo – PhD student, Università degli Studi di Pavia
  • Dr Yalda Javadi – Senior Grants Communications Officer, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity
  • Desislava Staneva – PhD student, University of Edinburgh
  • Rachel Flynn and Suzzan Sithirangathan (Parmacology Part II, graduated 2014)
  • Nick Lorch and Holly Newton (Pharmacology Part II, graduated 2015)
  • Dr Anasuya Chattopadhyay – Scientific Portfolio Manager, CRUK Cambridge Centre
  • Luma Khasati and Sujit Gnanakumar (Pharmacology Part II, 2016)
  • Dr Elin Sivertsson - Senior Scientist, Immunocore Ltd., Oxford
  • Aleksandra Eremina - AMGEN Scholar 2016, University of Edinburgh
  • Anna Chaplin - Summer student 2016, Durham University
  • Dr Sonja Dunbar - Teaching By-Fellow at Churchill College, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Wenshu Xu - Research Scientist, Medimmune-Astrazeneca, London
  • Dr Alexander Guttenplan - Postdoctoral Fellow, Maastricht University
  • Antonia Kefala-Stavridi - PhD in Biochemistry, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Benjamin Smith - Managing Director of Victory Point Boardgames Cafe
  • Dr Albert Perez-Riba - Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
  • Anna Chaplin - PhD in Epidemiology, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Sarah Madden - Research Associate, University of Bath
  • Dr Marie Synakewicz - Research Associate, Schuler lab, Zurich
  • Dr Rohan Eapen - Athebio, Zurich
  • Dr Grasilda Zenkeviciute - Proxygen, Basel
  • Dr Zhen Du, AstraZeneca (China)
  • Dr Aurora Diamante, Heptares (Cambridge)
  • Mona Furukawa - PhD, University of Oxford
  • Dr Sian Stockton, Gifford Bioscience
  • Dr Nilesh Chatterjee, St. George's University London and St. George's Hospital 
  • Dr Juliane Ripka, Cambridge biotech company Phoremost.
  • Dr Piyush Chaturbedy,Scientific consultancy company TTP (Cambridge)
  • Dr Cynthia Ngozi Okoye,Sygnature Discovery (Nottingham)
  • Dr Mohsin Naqvi, Sanger
  • Dr Harry King, Bicycle Therapeutics (Cambridge)